Handmade Writings review

Handmade Writings service is one of the top-rated writing services which provide the greatest services to their customers. They have a lot of positive reviews and testimonies from the customers on their websites. However, for a student who is yet to use the service, it is very difficult to determine the extent to which these testimonies are true.

In order to validate these claims, we have conducted an evaluation of their services and will share the results of our findings with you. It is also worthy to note that we had to pose as one of the interested customers in order to get a first-hand experience of their services. From the result of the evaluation, we have come to various conclusions regarding the various aspects of the writing services provided by Handmade Writings to their customers.

What is this service about?

Just like most writing services, this custom essay writing service focuses its efforts on alleviating the burden of academic writing placed on students and non-academic customers alike all over the world. They make use of professional writers to provide assistance, and also work with major players in the profession.

Main features of the service

  • Handmade quality – All the papers written at Handmade Writings are written from scratch after an extensive research is conducted by a team of professionals. The papers are free of any form of plagiarism and are as original as it gets.
  • 24/7 support – The members of the support team maintain a 24-hour communication link with the customer in case they wish to discuss paper details, track the progress of the paper and interact with the writer in the case of any changes to be made to the paper.
  • Free samples – There are samples of papers available on the website of Handmade Writings just in case the customer wants to go see what they can provide. These samples are free of charge and can be accessed even without any form registration.
  • Skilled writers - Handmade Writings works with the best professional writers from all over the world. They make use of university graduates from English-speaking countries all over the world. These writers go through thorough background checks.
  • No blind charges – There are no blind charges at Handmade Writings. Everything you are paying for is displayed on the price calculator as you type it in. the price calculator helps the customer to keep track of the increase in cost as they choose the services they need.
  • Flexible discounts – There a lot of discount programs provided at Handmade Writings. However, the most enticing is the 10% discount offered for the first order. So, you get to save some 10% on your budget.
  • Timely delivery – Since the price of the paper depends on the deadline and the volume of the work, a lot of importance is placed on trying to deliver the paper before the deadline. No need to worry about the quality of the content. The paper is checked by professionals before it is delivered to the customer. Apart from that, you can also apply for a free revision if you are not satisfied with the quality of the paper.
  • Additional services - There are other services offered by Handmade Writings writing services. these include providing a list of the sources, providing the services of an advanced writer, and special editing services. These services are not free but are very necessary if you want to get the very best paper possible.

Order procedure

Placing an order for a paper is very easy. The first thing you have to do is to go to the HandmadeWritings.com official website. Then you have to follow these instructions:

  • Go to the order page – Click on the ‘Order’ button. This will take you straight to the order page.
  • Place your order – Type in the instructions in the field provided. You also have to select the different categories that fit your order. These categories are type of paper, word count, deadline, and level of education. You can also choose the additional services by clicking on the button. After typing the instructions, you can go ahead to place your order. The price will appear on your screen instantly.
  • Wait for confirmation of the order – Wait for the staff to confirm the instructions and give you a reply on whether they can complete the paper or not.
  • Pay for the paper – After the confirmation, you can then go ahead to make the payment through PayPal. Pay the exact amount you see on the price calculator and not a dime more!
  • Wait for delivery and receive your paper.

Final conclusion

Handmade Writings provides the best writing service at present. Their policies make sure that your information is kept secret. More so, they have a zero-tolerance policy for all kinds of plagiarism. We will highly recommend the services of Handmade Writings to any customer out there.